Custom Cables

Controls and Cables Australia are a dealer for Hindle Controls UK.  From their workshop it is possible to manufacture any length of control cable with only minimal lead times. We offer a made to measure service where cables can be manufactured to drawings or sample cables. If you do not have a control cable but require one for your application then we are able to design for your custom requirement.

Types of control cable we can offer are:

  • Brake Control Cable
  • Throttle Control Cables
  • Stop Control Cables
  • Transmission Control Cables
  • Hydraulic Valve Cables. (Remote Valve Control Cables)
  • Bowden Control Cables
  • Push Pull Control Cables

With this we can also provide a range of controls and pedals which are: 

  • Throttle Controls
  • Push Pull Controls
  • Transmission Controls
  • Throttle Pedal

As a dealer of Hindle Controls we are able to supply a range of other products. These include:

  • Pedal Systems (Mechanical and Electronic – MT6000 Suspended and MT7000 Floor Mounted Pedals)
  • GearShift Systems (Mechanical Cable Shifter CS1400 and Electronic ES3000 Shifter)
  • Steering Columns (Fixed FC100, Lower Tilt with Telescopic LC300 and Upper Tilt with Telescopic)
  • Cable and Controls (Silverline Technology and Vernier Controls)
  • Electronics (vSENSE Sensors and Multiplex Control Modules).
  • Displays (CANtrak with GEM 'Generic Engine Monitoring)

All the above products are typically targeted towards diesel and petrol powered vehicles and equipment within, trucks, buses, construction equipment, material handling and farm machinery, examples being, Loading Shovels, Dumptrucks, Forklifts, Road Cleaning Vehicles, Cranes, Rollers and Bulldozers.

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