Remote Manual Handling (RMH)

Dual Valve (Single Lever)


The dual valve consists of a die-cast valve body containing two pneumatic reducing valves operated by a handle and a rocket arm. The pressure reducing valve used in...

Hand Throttle


The hand valve is using the same type of pressure reducer as the pedal.  It can be delivered with or without a pressure gauge showing the output...

Quad Valve (Dual Lever)


The Quad valve is an arrangement of two valve assemblies, block mounted. A dual axis lever enables the operated by a handle and a rocker arm. The pressure...

Slave Cylinder


The slave cylinder is a pressure controlled, single acting, spring return unit.  It has a lever with rod endis suitable for connecting with a high idle cylinder...



The unit is built around a treadle assembly made from die-cast aluminium with double return spring arrangement. The valve is a pneumatic 3-way pressure reducing valve, either vertically...

Twist Grip Shifter


The handle of the twist grip shifter is turned to select the speed and by moving the handle forward and backward it selects the direction.  The lever...


More Info

Hindle Controls unrivalled history in the design, manufacture and supply of mechanical control systems is now combined with RMH Controls innovative approach to electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic products.

Both companies have a long experience in systems applications and regularly customise products to meet individual requirements, whilst providing full engineering support from conception to installation.

Working towards the future , Hindle Controls is investing in a continuous programme to develop high quality, advanced control systems which improve the function , performance , reliability,
ergonomics and accessibility of vehicles and heavy duty machines. Working closely with customers to meet the demands of the changing market.

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