Teleflex Window Openers

Teleflex Maxi Control


For use with Teleflex Manual Window Controls an operator designed for applications requiring maximum range of vents. Teleflex Handle 125mm (5″) Supplied with product W-92.4mm L-150.4mm Maxi fitting kit...

Teleflex Chain Openers


This inconspicuous Teleflex opener features a fully retracting stainless steel chain with quick release window attachments to facilitate window cleaning. With an internal projection of 64mm the enclosed...

Teleflex Mini Control


The smallest operator designed for single or multiple applications with the spent travel tube sheathed and wall mounted. (714671) Teleflex Handle 100mm (4″) (SOLD SEPARATELY) W-44mm L-89mm Fitting kit included Colours:...

Teleflex Midi Control


The most popular operator designed for single ot multiple applications this units houses the spent travel tube, which makes it the obvious choice for schools and hospital applications. For...

Teleflex Core Wire


Teleflex core wire is manufacture on site at our Bradford location. This is coiled on rolls of 50m. This is used down the conduit (213230) and is...

Teleflex XL Midi Control


For use with Teleflex Manual Window Controls specifically designed for single or grouped vent applications the Teleflex Midi Operator incorporates the spent travel tube within its overall casing. 714671...

Teleflex Conduit (Bundy Tube)


Conduit can be cut and formed on site taking in account building contours. Our Conduit is sold in 3 meter lengths. Used to house the TIVH Cable which...


More Info

Hindle Controls Limited acquired the Teleflex window opener business from Kongsberg Automotive in July 2017. The product is now manufactured in our facility in Bradford, UK where we continue to invest to produce the most superior product in the market.


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