Control Cables


Ball Cables

Rolling Ball1

Rolling Ball Cables have flexible linear ball bearing which transfers push-pull motion from one point to another. Its unique design allows for the efficient transmission of movement up to...

Vernier Control


The Kongsberg Automotive Vernier Control is the premium mechanical control for setting engine RPM, controlling regulating valves or for other precise remote adjustments. This latest design offers a...



Kongsberg Automotive SILVER LINE™ cables are the industry standard for the world’s most successful manufacturers of agricultural, construction and material handling equipment and on-highway vehicles.

Utility Control Cables


These utility (stop) control cables are recommended for light duty, light load applications. Chokes cables, switches, throttle cables, Valve Cables, latch, etc. with a light or 'Pull Only'...

33c Red Jacket Control Cable


  Grade - Standard, Colour - Red. Recommended for use in more vigorous control cable applications. Minimum bend radius 200mm. Universal for most outboard, outdrive and inboard units....

33c Supreme Control Cable


Grade - Premium, Colour - Red. Employing the latest in control cable technology, the inner core is encased in nylon making operation easy and smooth. Friction is...

33c Xtreme Control Cable


Grade - Super Premium, Colour - Black TFXTREME uses a unique splined core wire to achieve the 'impossible'. Its ridges allow a close fit with the cables...

43c Red Jacket Control Cable


For heavy duty applications where the control cable is in almost constant use. The heavy duty construction includes a nylon coated inner core with specially formulated lubricant which...

Stop Control Cable


Stop cable with T handle. Plain wire end, stainless steel.

UD617 Control Cable


Extra heavy duty control cable (UD617) for the operation of small manual gearboxes. For use with D1, D2 & D4 controls. Steel end fittings and helical cable...

Bowden Cable


Bowden cables are a type of flexible cable used to transmit mechanical force or energy by the movement of an inner cable (most commonly of steel or...

Morse Cables


Morse Cables are one of the products Hindle Controls often get asked to supply. Having been a distributor for Kongsberg since they were known as Morse Controls,...